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Over 100,000 travel photos on Fuzzy Travel!

December 14, 2008

Since this weekend there are over 100,000 travel photos on Fuzzy Travel! To celebrate, and because we were curious about how that many photos would look if they were visualized on a map, we spent a couple of hours on that. And here’s the result:

Fuzzy Travel photo map

Each photo in the map stands for a single location, and the photo’s size is indicative for the total amount of photos that were assigned to that location. Here’s a larger version of the map.

Uploading pictures just got easier…

June 5, 2008

We’ve just finished rolling out a new version of the picture uploader. Instead of assigning an album, date, location and tags for each individual picture after you’ve uploaded them, you can now do that for all of the pictures you’re going to upload beforehand. This should save you quite a bit of time on managing your travel shots. Also, we’ve done some bugfixing which should improve the upload speed, and reduce the amount of uploads that result in an error. Let us know what you think!

Fuzzy Travel meets Flickr

November 2, 2007

If you already have a Flickr account, and you would rather use that service for managing your travel photos, here’s some good news: you can simply keep on using Flickr AND integrate it into your Fuzzy Travel blog. After you’ve set up the integration, your new Flickr pictures will be automatically imported into your Fuzzy Travel account without any further effort from your side. To set it up, and for more information, login to the member area and check the ‘Flickr’ page under ‘Pictures’.

Assigning pictures to entries

March 2, 2007

You can easily and quickly place pictures in your travel journal entries by assigning pictures to them. They will then automatically appear under your journal entry. One of our travel bloggers pointed out the following on this subject:

When I post a new journal and my subscribers are notified, I
would like to have all my pictures in place. However, to finish editing
the pictures, they need to belong to a specific journal. If I create the
journal first my subscribers get notified. How can I get around this
chicken/egg situation?

From now on, when editing your pictures’ info, the dropdown list of journal entries — to which you can assign your pictures — contains a new option: “Next entry I publish”. If you select that option, the picture will not yet get assigned to any existing journal entry. However, when you write and publish a new entry in your travel journal, all pictures that belong to that “next entry” will automatically be assigned to it. This should save you some precious internet time.

Slideshow of your pictures

February 22, 2007

On request from a member, you can now view your pictures as a slideshow. This provides an easy way for your visitors to get a visual impression of your travels — without having to click around.



  • Images get preloaded for smooth transitions.
  • A fading effect in between the pictures (in most browsers).
  • Adjust the speed of the slideshow with a slider control.
  • Buttons to manually control the slideshow (pause, play, previous, next).
  • View a slideshow of all pictures, or select only pictures from a specific album.
  • The displayed picture links to the picture page where people can rate / comment on it.


You can find your picture slideshow at Or you can simply follow the link to the slideshow on your picture overview pages. 😉

Immediate picture uploading

December 3, 2006

When uploading new pictures in the Member Area, you’ll see that things look a bit differently. Instead of being limited to uploading five images at a time, you can now upload an unlimited amount of pictures by using just one ‘Browse…’ input field. After having selected your picture, the upload will begin start right away in the background, and you can immediately use the ‘Browse…’ input field again for uploading the next picture. Handling picture uploads this way will save you quite a bit of waiting time, and on top of that provides you with a clear overview of the status of your pictures being uploaded.

(With thanks to Martin Conicek).

Picture voting made easier

October 31, 2006


A bit of rework has been done on the recently introduced star rating system for pictures. You and your visitors can now simply click on the star rating bar itself to cast a vote. Easy as pie!

(With thanks to Yvo Schaap.)

Even more comments!

October 19, 2006

Another member request implemented: visitors can now not only leave a comment to diary entries, but also to your pictures. Interactivity galore! Of course automated spam comments are automagically filtered out. You can manage all your comments from within the Member area.

May we have your votes, please?

October 17, 2006


Update: This information is extended by ‘Picture voting made easier‘.

Yet another new feature! A star rating system has been implemented on every picture page, which allows visitors to rate your pictures (from ‘Awful!’ to ‘Excellent!’). We hope this feature will provide you with some nice feedback on which pictures your visitors like best. Measurements have been taken to prevent multiple votings by the same person on one picture. Vote away!

(With thanks to Grow.)

Rotate this!

October 8, 2006


When uploading or editing pictures, you can now rotate the picture to get the right side up. Do note that this method of rotation will result in some quality loss of the picture, so it’s still preferable to rotate your pictures yourself before uploading them.