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Improved text editor

September 24, 2008

Just a quick blog post to let you know that we’ve just replaced the text editor for adding & editing your journal entries. The new text editor looks and works a little different, but of course still allows you to publish your travel adventures, style them, insert pictures, and so on. The biggest improvement is that Fuzzy Travel’s text editor now works as it’s supposed to on all major browsers (there were some issues in e.g. Safari). If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please let us know.

Uploading pictures just got easier…

June 5, 2008

We’ve just finished rolling out a new version of the picture uploader. Instead of assigning an album, date, location and tags for each individual picture after you’ve uploaded them, you can now do that for all of the pictures you’re going to upload beforehand. This should save you quite a bit of time on managing your travel shots. Also, we’ve done some bugfixing which should improve the upload speed, and reduce the amount of uploads that result in an error. Let us know what you think!

Visitor statistics

November 5, 2007

Visitor statistics for everybody! From now on you can check the popularity of your travel blog on the statistics page in the member area. This page shows the activity of the last week: how many page views you’ve had, how many visitors, your most popular pages, and how your visitors found your site (i.e. referring links). We hope you like it!

Fuzzy Travel meets Flickr

November 2, 2007

If you already have a Flickr account, and you would rather use that service for managing your travel photos, here’s some good news: you can simply keep on using Flickr AND integrate it into your Fuzzy Travel blog. After you’ve set up the integration, your new Flickr pictures will be automatically imported into your Fuzzy Travel account without any further effort from your side. To set it up, and for more information, login to the member area and check the ‘Flickr’ page under ‘Pictures’.

Assigning pictures to entries

March 2, 2007

You can easily and quickly place pictures in your travel journal entries by assigning pictures to them. They will then automatically appear under your journal entry. One of our travel bloggers pointed out the following on this subject:

When I post a new journal and my subscribers are notified, I
would like to have all my pictures in place. However, to finish editing
the pictures, they need to belong to a specific journal. If I create the
journal first my subscribers get notified. How can I get around this
chicken/egg situation?

From now on, when editing your pictures’ info, the dropdown list of journal entries — to which you can assign your pictures — contains a new option: “Next entry I publish”. If you select that option, the picture will not yet get assigned to any existing journal entry. However, when you write and publish a new entry in your travel journal, all pictures that belong to that “next entry” will automatically be assigned to it. This should save you some precious internet time.


December 29, 2006

The most frequent type of email I get from Fuzzy Travel users is: ‘Can you add these locations for me?’ The answer from now on is: yes I can, but so can you!! Via this blog post I’m introducing FuzzyMapper Beta, a Google Maps application that gives you visual access to the entire location database. It basically serves two functions:

The latter function is of course the most useful, and adding your own locations can be done quite easily. It works like this: fire up FuzzyMapper from within the Member Area, and zoom in to the country and region where you’d like to add a location that’s not yet in the database. Then, click on the spot where your missing location is at. Enter the location’s name and — voila! — the location has been added to the location database.

To clarify, here are some screenshots that detail the process of adding a location that was not yet in the location database, namely ‘Drochia’ in Moldova.

Step 1. Open FuzzyMapper by clicking on the colored markers (you’ll find these near every location input field in the Member Area):

Step 2. FuzzyMapper opens in a new screen. On the initial world map select the country you want to zoom to, which in this case is Moldova:

Step 3. Move and zoom on the country map until you’ve spotted the ‘missing location’. Then, click on the map on that spot, and a marker with an input field will pop up. Type in the location name (in this example Drochia):

Step 4. Finally, hit the ‘Add location!’ button and the location will be added immediately to the location database.

Blog entry preview

December 12, 2006

While writing or editing a blog entry, the ‘Preview’ button is a very useful tool to check out what your message will look like when you publish it, without actually publishing it (yet). For example, it can be used for re-reading and spell-checking your entry, or making sure that all markup and pictures show up correctly. We’re glad to announce that previewing your journal messages has just gotten better: it will now display the blog entry in your travelogue template, so that you can see exactly what it will look like once it’s online.

Immediate picture uploading

December 3, 2006

When uploading new pictures in the Member Area, you’ll see that things look a bit differently. Instead of being limited to uploading five images at a time, you can now upload an unlimited amount of pictures by using just one ‘Browse…’ input field. After having selected your picture, the upload will begin start right away in the background, and you can immediately use the ‘Browse…’ input field again for uploading the next picture. Handling picture uploads this way will save you quite a bit of waiting time, and on top of that provides you with a clear overview of the status of your pictures being uploaded.

(With thanks to Martin Conicek).

Finding your location

November 30, 2006


Keeping things simple and making things easy to use for everyone is one of the challenges in which Fuzzy Travel tries to excel. We think we did a pretty nice job on the improved location search. While you type, matching locations will be displayed. Click the one you were looking for, and you’re done!

This new method of finding locations effectively gets rid of one button and three drop-down lists, which makes things visually a whole lot more comprehensible. Feedback is welcome, as always.

Writing Without Worries

November 21, 2006


It can happen to anyone: losing your to-be-published journal entry accidentily. Some examples:

  • You click the ‘publish’ button, and your internet connection turns out to have died.
  • You’re in the middle of writing a travel story. Suddenly, the power generator of the island you’re on decides to take a break and your computer switches off. (It might sound far-fetched, but it actually happened to me!)
  • You accidentily logout without having published your journal entry.

Are you scared yet? Don’t be, because here’s the good news: You no longer have to worry about losing any of your journal entries. During the process of writing, your entry is from now on regularly saved as a draft. Should you happen to lose an entry due to whatever cause, the next time you go to ‘write a new journal entry’, the draft will automagically be recovered and displayed, so that you can continue writing from where you were cut off.

Generally, the only thing you will notice about this auto-saving feature is a small announcement, as you can see in the accompanying picture. But the most important thing is that you can now truly “Write Without Worries”!