Over 100,000 travel photos on Fuzzy Travel!

Since this weekend there are over 100,000 travel photos on Fuzzy Travel! To celebrate, and because we were curious about how that many photos would look if they were visualized on a map, we spent a couple of hours on that. And here’s the result:

Fuzzy Travel photo map

Each photo in the map stands for a single location, and the photo’s size is indicative for the total amount of photos that were assigned to that location. Here’s a larger version of the map.

2 Responses to “Over 100,000 travel photos on Fuzzy Travel!”

  1. Katie Says:

    Wow! That means I’ve uploaded more than 1% (1290 and counting) of all photos on Fuzzy… Come on everyone, get to it!

  2. LLAM Says:

    Hello there – is there any chance of accessing the blog again? I have very important memories there.

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