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Videos on the move: VideoEgg quits

March 6, 2008

About a year ago we partnered up with VideoEgg, who has been providing Fuzzy Travel with their great service of uploading, storing and displaying your travel videos. Unfortunately, yesterday they informed their partners — including us — that they’ll soon be moving away from this service and focus their attention elsewhere. On May 31st to be exact. This leaves us with almost three months in which we’ll try to find a new partner who can provide us with a similar video service. We’ll do everything we can to transfer your travel videos (around 500 at the moment :)) to the new service smoothly. Nevertheless, consider this an early announcement that some changes will be happening on your video pages in the coming months. We’ll keep you informed on this blog.

(By the way, if you have any suggestions for new video hosts, be sure to let us know!)