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Support for OpenID

March 12, 2007

Fuzzy Travel has just integrated support for OpenID. “What’s that?” you may well ask. Well, OpenID allows for a single sign-on across various websites, so that you no longer have to create/remember a wide variety of usernames and passwords that you use on the internet.

New Fuzzy Travel users can now register themselves using OpenID, and from then on use OpenID as their method of logging in.

Existing members can make the switch from the username/password login to the OpenID login by entering their OpenID URL in the login screen, and follow the instructions.

If you’re interested to learn more about OpenID, this screencast gives a pretty good introduction.

Please note that OpenID is an alternative method of logging in that exists next to the normal username/password login, so using it is completely optional. But if you want to use OpenID, now you can!

Assigning pictures to entries

March 2, 2007

You can easily and quickly place pictures in your travel journal entries by assigning pictures to them. They will then automatically appear under your journal entry. One of our travel bloggers pointed out the following on this subject:

When I post a new journal and my subscribers are notified, I
would like to have all my pictures in place. However, to finish editing
the pictures, they need to belong to a specific journal. If I create the
journal first my subscribers get notified. How can I get around this
chicken/egg situation?

From now on, when editing your pictures’ info, the dropdown list of journal entries — to which you can assign your pictures — contains a new option: “Next entry I publish”. If you select that option, the picture will not yet get assigned to any existing journal entry. However, when you write and publish a new entry in your travel journal, all pictures that belong to that “next entry” will automatically be assigned to it. This should save you some precious internet time.