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Slideshow of your pictures

February 22, 2007

On request from a member, you can now view your pictures as a slideshow. This provides an easy way for your visitors to get a visual impression of your travels — without having to click around.



  • Images get preloaded for smooth transitions.
  • A fading effect in between the pictures (in most browsers).
  • Adjust the speed of the slideshow with a slider control.
  • Buttons to manually control the slideshow (pause, play, previous, next).
  • View a slideshow of all pictures, or select only pictures from a specific album.
  • The displayed picture links to the picture page where people can rate / comment on it.


You can find your picture slideshow at Or you can simply follow the link to the slideshow on your picture overview pages. 😉

Travelogue search

February 16, 2007

Apart from being able to search all Fuzzies at once, you can now search in your own Fuzzy as well. When at your personal travel blog site, you’ll see that the search box in the top right corner now lists the option to either search your blog only, or all blogs.


Searching your own blog will lead to a results page of matches in your journal entries, pictures, videos and comments.


Two new themes

February 11, 2007

In the past week two new themes have been added for you to choose from. Enjoy!