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Videos in your travel blog!

January 18, 2007

I’m happy to announce that from now on you can publish videos on your Fuzzy Travel blog! We’ve partnered up with VideoEgg, who will take care of the uploads, storage and display of all your travel movies.

To upload videos in the Member Area, you’ll first need to download & install VideoEgg’s Publisher — a browser plugin that converts and compresses your video on your local computer. Thanks to that process, uploading times should not be more than a few minutes (depending on the length of your video and your internet connection speed of course). The Publisher accepts several sources of video: files, camcorders, webcams and even mobile phones. It also allows you to edit your movie before you upload it: you can erase portions, and change the video’s start & end points.

Because I realize that not every Fuzzy Travel member will want to make use of the video functionality, the ‘Videos’ menu item will only be displayed in your blog when you’ve actually uploaded one or more travel videos.

A live example of an uploaded travel movie can be found here: Video of Tasmanian Devils. And here’s a screenshot of the video uploading page in the Member Area.

Comments, feedback, and your video publishing experiences are more than welcome!

Adding links

January 16, 2007

In the past week I received feature requests from two members because they wanted to be able to add links to other blogs and websites in a ‘links section’ on their travel blogs. Well, good news for them, and for the rest of all Fuzzy Travel members: you can now add links to all your favorite websites.

The links will be displayed in the sidebar of your travel journal — with a maximum of five to avoid cluttering of the interface. If you add more than five links, your sidebar will also display the option to click through to your Links Page — a page in your travelogue where all of your links are listed.

Adding and managing links can be done from within the Member Area.

Poll: Want video?

January 5, 2007

A question to all Fuzzy Travel members: Would you like to be able to upload and publish videos in your travelogue? VideoEgg can be easily integrated and looks like a very nice option for managing movies, because it accepts a wide variety of video formats and hardware. However, it does require a 1 MB download/installation before you can start uploading movies, which might not be optimal if you’re in an internet cafe. So… what do you think? You can respond to the question by voting in the poll, and you can clarify your answer by leaving a comment.