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Picture voting made easier

October 31, 2006


A bit of rework has been done on the recently introduced star rating system for pictures. You and your visitors can now simply click on the star rating bar itself to cast a vote. Easy as pie!

(With thanks to Yvo Schaap.)

Even more comments!

October 19, 2006

Another member request implemented: visitors can now not only leave a comment to diary entries, but also to your pictures. Interactivity galore! Of course automated spam comments are automagically filtered out. You can manage all your comments from within the Member area.

Who are your subscribers?

October 18, 2006

On request from a curious member, you can now view the email addresses that are subscribed to your travelogue’s email notification list. See the Subscriptions page in the Member area. It also provides an easy way for inviting more people to join your travel journal’s mailing list.

May we have your votes, please?

October 17, 2006


Update: This information is extended by ‘Picture voting made easier‘.

Yet another new feature! A star rating system has been implemented on every picture page, which allows visitors to rate your pictures (from ‘Awful!’ to ‘Excellent!’). We hope this feature will provide you with some nice feedback on which pictures your visitors like best. Measurements have been taken to prevent multiple votings by the same person on one picture. Vote away!

(With thanks to Grow.)

Rotate this!

October 8, 2006


When uploading or editing pictures, you can now rotate the picture to get the right side up. Do note that this method of rotation will result in some quality loss of the picture, so it’s still preferable to rotate your pictures yourself before uploading them.

Search your location!

October 3, 2006


Update: This information is now superseded by ‘Finding your location‘.

To help you find locations (to add to a blog entry, or when plotting your travel itinerary), there is now an easy-to-use location search. Using it is simple: 1) type in your location, 2) click the ‘Search Location!’ button and 3) the system then tries to find the best matching location. Should your search fail, or if you’re unhappy with the results, you can still use the drop-down lists to select the correct location. (As an aside, your search can be phrased quite freely, e.g. searches like Eiffel Tower, White House, Uluru or Taj Mahal will in fact work.)